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 Development Economics through the Decades: A Critical Look at Thirty Years of the World Development Report
 WDR 2014: Risk and Opportunity—Managing Risk for Development
 WDR 2013: Jobs
 WDR 2012: Gender Equality and Development
 WDR 2011: Conflict, Security, and Development
 WDR 2010: Development and Climate Change
 WDR 2009: Reshaping Economic Geography
 WDR 2008: Agriculture for Development
 WDR 2007: Development and the Next Generation
 WDR 2006: Equity and Development
 WDR 2005: A Better Investment Climate for Everyone
 WDR 2004: Making Services Work for Poor People
 WDR 2003: Sustainable Development in a Dynamic World: Transforming Institutions, Growth, and Quality of Life
 WDR 2002: Building Institutions for Markets
 WDR 2000/2001: Attacking Poverty
 WDR 1999/2000: Entering the 21st Century: The Changing Development Landscape
 WDR 1998/99: Knowledge for Development
 WDR 1997: The State in a Changing World
 WDR 1996: From Plan to Market
 WDR 1995: Workers in an Integrating World
 WDR 1994: Infrastructure for Development
 WDR 1993: Investing in Health
 WDR 1992: Development and the Environment
 WDR 1991: The Challenge of Development
 WDR 1990: Poverty
 WDR 1989: Financial Systems and Development
 WDR 1988: Public Finance in Development
 WDR 1987: Industrialization and Foreign Trade
 WDR 1986: Trade and Pricing Policies in World Agriculture
 WDR 1985: International Capital and Economic Development
 WDR 1984: Population Change and Development
 WDR 1983: Management in Development
 WDR 1982: Agriculture and Economic Development
 WDR 1981: National and International Adjustment
 WDR 1980: Poverty and Human Development
 WDR 1979: Structural Change and Development Policy
 WDR 1978: Prospects for Growth and Alleviation of Poverty
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 Communities and Human Settlements
 Conflict and Development
 Culture and Development
 Finance and Financial Sector Development
 Health, Nutrition and Population
 Information and Communication Technologies
 Law and Development
 Macroeconomics and Economic Growth
 Poverty Reduction
 Private Sector
 Private Sector Development
 Public Sector
 Public Sector Development
 Rural Development
 Science and Technology Development
 Social Development
 Social Protections and Labor
 Urban Development
 Water Resources
 Water Supply and Sanitation
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 Middle East and North Africa
 South Asia
 Sub-Saharan Africa
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