World Bank

Privacy Policy

I. Introduction

Your privacy on the Internet is of the utmost importance to us. Because we gather certain types of information about the users of The Complete World Development Report Online, we want to ensure that you fully understand the terms and conditions surrounding the capture and use of that information. This privacy statement discloses what information we gather and how we use it.

II. What Information Does the Site Collect?

Personal information
If you register for an email newsletter, buy a book, subscribe to online content, post to a blog or join a discussion group, you may be asked for information that helps to identify you, such as your name, email address, IP address and organization. The information you are asked to provide is used for technical and customer administration of the site only and is not shared with third parties other than the owner of the platform, in this case, Impelsys.
If you have ordered a subscription or made other purchases online, a credit card processing service is used to bill users and process payments. These companies do not retain, share, store or use identification information for any secondary purposes. These parties are not allowed to use such information except for the purpose of providing these services.

Non-personally identifiable information
In order to improve the content and services offered by the site, certain non-personally identifiable information used to provide summaries of visitors’ behavior. Examples of this type of information include statistics on most popular and least popular pages, referring url, and downloads. The information collected cannot be traced back to a particular individual.
The purpose of this data collection is so that the editors of The Complete World Development Report Online can better understand the preferences of its visitors and improve its site and services. This information is never connected with any personal information you supply to us if you register on our website.

IP Addresses
Institutional subscribers are asked to provide the IP address range of users in their institution for the purpose of providing access to subscribed content. In addition, the site also records your individual IP addresse, is the Internet addresse of your computer, and information such as your browser type and operating system. This information helps us learn about the geographical distribution of our website visitors and the technology they use to access our site. This information is treated as confidential and will not be shared.

III. What If I Don't Want to Share My Information?

Registering on our site is optional. If you choose not to register or provide personal information, you can still use some of the site content. However, you will not be able to purchase subscriptions, save searches, create custom ebooks or receive email newsletters.
If you register for a newsletter, post to a blog, or contribute to a forum, consultation, or conference we will not share, sell, distribute or rent your information to anyone. On an occasional basis, and with your specific authorization, Your e-mail address will never be shared with any outside party for marketing purposes.


IP Address: When your web browser or email application requests a web page or email from another computer on the Internet, it automatically gives that computer the address where it should send the information. This is called your computer's "IP address." (IP stands for "Internet protocol.") For many users accessing the Internet from a dial-up Internet service provider (ISP), the IP address will be different every time you log on.