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World Bank Products

Thank you for your interest in World Bank products. Here you will find information about other online resources and apps available from the World Bank.

Open Knowledge Repository (OKR)

This new open access home for the World Bank’s research outputs and knowledge products brings together more than 9,000 books, articles, reports, and research papers in a search-engine friendly open access repository. Visit


World Bank eLibrary

Designed with researchers and librarians in mind, the World Bank eLibrary is the World Bank’s online collection of e-books, reports, journals, and working papers on international development and economics, providing value-added through its functionality, ease of use, and many time-saving tools. Visit

World Bank Publications

To search for or purchase a World Bank publication, go to the World Bank publications catalog available at

Resolve a DOI

To access a particular publication by resolving a DOI (e.g. 10.1596/978-0-19-520788-0), type the publication’s DOI into the text box below.


Online Resources

Africa Development Indicators (ADI) Online provides the most comprehensive collection of data on Africa available. It is designed to provide all those interested in Africa with a focused and convenient set of data about development programs and aid flows in the region.

Doing Business provides objective measures of business regulations for local firms in 185 economies and selected cities at the subnational level.

World Bank eAtlases allow users to quickly and easily transform data into customized visual comparisons across time, countries, and regions. Developed in cooperation with Harper Collins, UK.

World Bank Open Data

The World Bank's Open Data initiative is intended to provide all users with access to World Bank data. The data catalog is a listing of available World Bank datasets, including databases, pre-formatted tables, reports, and other resources, with download access to more than 8,000 indicators.


Mobile Applications

The World Bank has an active mobile app program, including:

World Development Report 2013 App for iPad™
World Development Report 2012 App for iPad™

The free World Development Report App for iPad lets users easily locate the analysis, data, and policy recommendations of most interest throughout the World Development Report in new and multiple ways. Now available for the 2012 and 2013 Reports.

World Bank at a Glance, which provides you with succinct and useful information about the workings of the World Bank..

Doing Business at a Glance, which provides a two-year comparison of data and rankings for more than 180 economies, showing progress on several critical stages of “doing business.”

World Bank InfoFinder, which provides an explanation of the Access to Information Policy and several strategies and feeds for accessing the most recent documents.

World Bank DataFinder, which provides access to 50 years of World Bank data on global economic indicators and lets you chart, visualize, and share charts for use in presentations, research, and other projects.

visit to learn more. This page is kept current with new app and mobile product releases, including apps for other devices, and link directly to the App store once new applications are launched.